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A lifetime of cruising gay hookup sites and apps made me realize two things: I was totes gay, and I had to start screenprinting the expressions I had seen online again and again. Some people thought it was cute, and Totes Gay was born. 

Everyone knows Internet culture is a breeding ground for trolls, but there's no reason why a stranger you meet on an app should ever make you feel like a dumpster. Taking the language out of digital cruising makes it funny and helps you realize how insane everything about hookup culture is. If it's just about having a good time and making connections with new people, why do we let it make us feel like shit about ourselves?



You're now walking around with your hookup profile on your shoulder. Prince Charming could be in the bodega. Mr Right Now could be at your subway stop. When that hunk comes over, show him your private pics on your phone. Aren't you glad you brought the lube and poppers already? And that book for the ride home?

Totes Gay is effervescent and capital-G Gay, showing you how to LOL while holding it down for the environment.  Whether you're a fuckboi or a daddy or a drag queen or an ally, you get it or you don't. But we're sure you get it.

Everybody say love!