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Absofuckinglutely. Holler at us:

Can I sell your stuff in my shop?

Can I sell your stuff in my shop?

Does the Return Address say TOTES GAY?

While we love being totes gay, we understand that some of you want or need to be private about that love. To that end, the return address is listed as "T G" 

Once I place my order, how long is processing?

What's your favorite Destiny's Child song?

"Say My Name" and "Say My Name - Timbaland Remix" late at night

How do I take care of my tote bag?

Spot cleaning is ideal, but our stuff is tuff enuf to handle a machine wash with cold water and very low drying

WE THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER ASK, BB. It's all about confidence and comfort and that IDGF attitude

Can I model for TOTES GAY?

We're always looking for models. Tell us about yourself and send some pix to You don't need to work as a model or actor/actress, but you better be confident, comfy, and sexy AF

Will TOTES GAY donate goods to my charity?

Shipping happens within 3 days of sale. Please note that anything bought on Friday will not ship until the following Monday 

Absofuckinglutely. Holler at us:

What makes someone TOTES GAY?

Maybe! Email us ( and tell us what you have in mind